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The Great Island Debate: Sustainable Business v Business as usual

Posted by Martin Spence on Sep 16, 2021

At Island Networking this week, Online ONLY, Tuesday, 21st September at 8:15am. Tickets here. Networking is about getting to know your fellow networkers; defined as:

the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional and social contacts.

The Island has proven to be just that, join in and reap the benefits! So this week, being ONLINE only, we are continuing the series of "Great Island Debates"

This weeks topic: "Sustainable Business v Business as usual"

Wouldn't it be nice if the best business decisions were aligned with the best ecological decisions? If companies would only wake up and see it, the opposition between the need for profit and the planet would diminish.

The business case for sustainability draws on several core arguments:

  • Pro-environmental practices, creating positive brand associations among consumers, politicians, and regulators.
  • The mentality that seeks to further efficiency in materials and waste carries over into other areas.
  • Innovation required to overcome environmental challenges promotes innovation generally, feeding into new business and enterprises.
  • Employees have higher morale when they believe in what their company is doing.

Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, the interests of profit blatantly conflict with the interests of people and the planet. Ask the questions; What would happen to your company's bottom line if it switched over to a green electricity supplier at twice the cost? What would happen if it insisted on using only fair trade products – throughout the supply chain? We're not talking about cosmetic changes like recycled paper or bike racks in the company car park. By appealing to the business case for sustainability, we are limiting green practices to the very narrow subset that involve little cost, little risk, and little disruption to business as usual. But, by saying, "Go green because you'll make more profit," then this will affirm that profit is the right motive." Discuss!

Please invite friends and colleagues to join in the fun.

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