The Great Island Debate, 5th October

Health v Wealth

Posted by Martin Spence on Sep 30, 2021

Last time  proved to be a real experience on the Island... unless you "try it" you are unlikely to "buy into it",  was one quote from the day. The Islanders were challenged to debate, in groups of four, the motion, Sustainabilty v Business as usual. How can we make a real difference in this world or is it up to others to lead the way? As small business owners, whichever way you might define "small", we have an opportunity of a lifetime to make an impact and show the way forward with a little help from our friends. That is exactly what took place on Tuesday. AND below are some of the suggestions and real solutions that came out of the discussions.

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  • Lets go back to a maximum 6 day week and keep Sundays free to regroup and refresh.
  • Use less - reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Have stronger legistration to bring about change
  • Reconnect with nature and appreciate the natural world around us
  • Get to understand the carbon allowance/offset for your business
  • Open more communications and keep talking
  • We need to adapt, change happens, we all need to adapt to change
  • Handover and share the future with the younger generation
  • School engagement - create ripple effect for future generation by talking in schools
  • Keep on telling stories, the truth hurts BUT we need to correct myths and promote action
  • Be brave with long-term solutions which will ensure the continuation of the Planet
  • Action needed now: plan to go it alone and bring people round to action, rather than wait
  • Invite and bring young people to the Island to share their perspective
  • Use emails rather than the post
  • Use less cars, go electric where possible.
  • Next time: 5th October. Health v Wealth?

    The debate this week is all about one’s interpretation of the meaning of health and the meaning of wealth. “Health v Wealth”. Financial wealth v wealth of talent or the Nation’s health v physical and mental health, where would you like to begin! Breaking into groups for 15 minutes, each group will take one side of the argument and discuss the merits of each.
    There is an assumption that the health of the public and the economy are opposing forces. If you treat each as equal, then maybe we will come to understand both economic success and increasing public health as a valuable goal. The economy and health are two sides of the same coin. Economic inequality creates inequalities in public health creating a barrier to millions to having a meaningful and healthy life. The pandemic has illustrated just how precarious the finances of “just in time” production and delivery is and maybe we should look closer to home to find a solution.
    Is there a link between people’s social circumstances and their risk of ill-health? Life expectancy in the UK had stopped improving for the first time in 100 years and shows signs of receding in the poorest areas of society. Is it directly related to income? The greater the income the better the health? Or is it based upon demographics and the environment? Try weaving these thoughts into your 60 sec. pitch.

    Please invite friends and colleagues to join in the fun.

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